Brotherhood operative


Red skinned tiefling with long blonde hair and golden eyes. Piercings in various places and a two-headed snake branded on left wrist.


Mantra was found as a 7 year old orphan in the Lower City part of Sharn. Not knowing nor remembering her family she did everything she could to survive. Stealing was natural to her and as time went by she learned new ways of getting what she wants: using her charms and blackmailing her victims later. At the age of 17, she was fully recruited to a thieves’ guild where her talents where put to a use. Her private wealth started to grow and so did her reputation.

Years had passed, and one night she was visited by a strange old woman, who was claiming to know her parents and that they had a great debt to pay off, a debt that now had passed on to Mantra. She did not believe these words and banished the old hag from her mansion. And then bad things started to happen. It started when a strange brand appeared on her wrist, it almost felt like it was burning. Her companions from the guild were vanishing, sometimes found dead in a gruesome manner with minor evidence pointing to Mantra. Her wealth started to dissipate, it was harder and harder to be trusted with a new crime opportunity. Finally, 3 years ago, her mansion burned, but when she managed to somehow get inside during the fire, all her riches were gone.

Mantra needed to leave the city behind her. She had spent her next years wandering from place to place, working on her bardic skills, trying to find any knowledge on what had happened to her.


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